Know Yourself with the Enneagram

Know yourself with the enneagram by reading The Road Back to You

Enneagram teachers Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile explain how to know yourself with the Enneagram and how knowing your number and its associated behavior and thought patterns will help you to better navigate relationships in their book The Road Back to You.¬† How to Identify Your Enneagram Number The Enneagram can look like a complex set of military code …


Personality and Goal Setting

personality and goal setting

Author, speaker and blogger Gretchen Rubin expands on some of her ideas in Happier at Home by diving into her theory of the Four Tendencies. She explains how personality and goal setting go hand-in-hand.¬† How Does Personality Affect Goal Setting? The Myers Briggs personality frame, the Enneagram, the Clifton Strengths Finder,¬†Hogwarts House sorting and so many other tools exist to …