How to Plan Weekend Fun

plan weekend fun with the family

In Laura Vanderkam’s short book, What the Most Successful People do on the Weekends, she helps us to plan weekend fun so we have time to relax, restore and actually enjoy our time off.  Where did the Weekend Go? On a typical Sunday night, I’m rounding up school jumpers and ties, making sure homework is done and trying to get …


Assessing and Succeeding in all Areas of Life

All areas of life deserve attention

Publishing and business expert Michael Hyatt lays out his plan that everyone can follow to have their best year ever in all areas of life.  What are all the Areas of Life? In Michael Hyatt’s book Your Best Year Ever, he has spelled out every step needed to have a productive and successful year. From the beginning thinking stages, through …


Action Plan for Success Next Year

Ready or not, the new year is looming. Do you have an action plan for success? The holiday season is here and while we are thinking about presents, ornaments, family dinners and parties with friends, we also need think about setting ourselves up for success in the next year. Here are a few of the steps I’m taking in the …