How to Plan Weekend Fun

plan weekend fun with the family

In Laura Vanderkam’s short book, What the Most Successful People do on the Weekends, she helps us to plan weekend fun so we have time to relax, restore and actually enjoy our time off.  Where did the Weekend Go? On a typical Sunday night, I’m rounding up school jumpers and ties, making sure homework is done and trying to get …

When Progress Feels Slow

In her popular self-development book Girl, Wash Your Face, Rachel Hollis reveals the lies she has been told and believed, including what to do when your progress feels slow and everyone else seems to be having so much more success. My Progress Feels Slow This morning as I was mindlessly scrolling Instagram, I saw picture of a friend and her …


Assessing and Succeeding in all Areas of Life

All areas of life deserve attention

Publishing and business expert Michael Hyatt lays out his plan that everyone can follow to have their best year ever in all areas of life.  What are all the Areas of Life? In Michael Hyatt’s book Your Best Year Ever, he has spelled out every step needed to have a productive and successful year. From the beginning thinking stages, through …


Use Big Picture Thinking to Stay Focused

Big Picture thinking helps us make better day to day decisions

Dr. Henry Cloud, author of the Boundaries series of books, discusses in Never Go Back the the things we learn to never do again as we mature, such ignoring big picture thinking and trying to change someone else.  Mature Behavior Dr. Cloud asserts in his book, that as we grow and mature, we make mistakes. However, healthy people learn from …


Give Your Child the Gift of Realistic Optimism

parents and children

In a partnership between a writer living in Europe and a Danish psychotherapist, Danish Way of Parenting gives us some insight into the way Danes have maintained their status as the happiest people in the world and how their parenting perpetuates this lifestyle. The Danish Rules of Parenting Alexander and Sandahl list six characteristics common to Danish parents that seem …


How a Morning Routine Creates Success All Day

a morning routine starts bright and early

Author and time management expert Laura Vanderkam tackles the morning routine in her book What The Most Successful People do Before Breakfast.  Waiting for the Perfect Morning Routine I have a perfect morning routine in my head. It would start before the kids get up and include time to work, exercise, eat breakfast and enjoy a chapter of my current …


Teaching Self Control For Children

Creating boundaries leads to self control for kids

Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend have a series of books about boundaries in all types of relationships. Their book Boundaries with Kids helps parents to teach self control and responsibility to our children. Self Control for Adults and Children A few months ago, I read “Boundaries in Marriage,” which is the best marriage book I’ve ever read. I …


Have it all- Productivity and Pleasure

Off the Clock book

Best selling author Laura Vanderkam lays out strategies for productivity and pleasure. When we make good choices with our time, we really can have both.  Do we all Really Have the Same Amount of Time? There are 168 hours in each week. Yes, we all have the same 168 hours. But what about the quality of those hours? Some things …


Stop Being the Stressed Out Mom

Mommy Burnout book

Professional Counselor Dr. Sheryl Ziegler has seen lots of burnt out moms in her office. While she usually focused on children and teens, she found that helping a stressed out mom find more peace and calm improved the whole family.  What is parental burnout? Stressed out moms are always exhausted, snapping at their family, can’t get motivated, always have headaches, …


Action Plan for Success Next Year

Ready or not, the new year is looming. Do you have an action plan for success? The holiday season is here and while we are thinking about presents, ornaments, family dinners and parties with friends, we also need think about setting ourselves up for success in the next year. Here are a few of the steps I’m taking in the …