About Stacey and A Field of Clover

Welcome to A Field of Clover I'm Stacey and I want to help you find the best self-help self-improvement books on the market for YOU! We all have different needs at different times in our lives. We can wade through mountains of books at the library or Google search pages or you can use my cheat sheets to figure out if a book is the right one for you!

My Self-improvement Journey

I'm obsessed with self-improvement books. My "gateway drug" was parenting. I wanted to do everything just the right way, and where would I find the secret to perfect parenting? In a book, of course! I read hundreds of parenting books looking for the recipe for producing that elusive perfect offspring. But what I found was piles of contradictory claims. Twelve years after becoming a mom, the only thing I know for sure is there is not one set way for everyone to succeed. Whether we are talking about parenting, personality, relationships, religion or household management, everyone has a different opinion, theory and method. Instead of letting that discourage us, we need to realize that each method will work for someone, even if that someone is not us. Finding self-help books is not a problem. Finding the RIGHT self-help book sometimes feels like the pinnacle of success we will never achieve. Adapting someone else's method and making it work for our business or family starts with finding the right basics to start with

More Results, Less Time

Solving that problem is exactly why A Field of Clover is here. I'm an avid reader and enjoy reading about other's stories and methods for success. Let me do the in-depth reading for you. Then just turn to my cheat sheets to find out if you should learn more about a book. I want to help you live your best life now. Not in fifty years when you finally have time to read all the books on your list. Let's narrow that list down to something that is manageable and something you look forward to tackling because you know it will be productive.

Plan for Success

For each book review, you will find a cheat sheet, right at the beginning. This will let you know the basics about the book, but better than the dust jacket whose job is to sell the book. I'll let you know briefly and quickly who the intended audience is for the book. If you fit that description, read on! I'll go into a more in-depth review of the book in the post. My goal is to provide you with enough information so you no longer waste any money or time scrolling Amazon looking for self-improvement books. If you are looking for a certain topic, start with the complete list of books on the site, divided by subject. You can find that here. It may even give you an idea for other books on the same topic that you have yet to discover. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Please send me book titles that you would like to see included on the blog! To your best life, Stacey