About Stacey and A Field of Clover

Welcome to A Field of Clover! I'm Stacey and I have a story to share with you. This blog is my family's adventure in moving. We are not efficient or confident. We are not experts are moving or think we can give you tips to make it easier. Instead, we are the people who didn't expect to move and did. And we are determined to survive this move. We'll find home. We'll make friends. We'll keep in touch with friends and family from home. At least, that's the plan.

My normal, boring, settled life

Our home was in Martins Ferry, Ohio. It was not my favorite place ever. When I married my husband Ron, I was pretty clear that I didn't plan to live there forever. I said I wanted to move before we had kids. Then we had kids so I change my mind and said I wanted to move before they went to school. None of that worked, but it became OK. We had lovely neighbors. We had an amazing school for all four of our children to attend. After years of mediocre (to poor) jobs, my husband found something he really enjoyed. I also had the world's best job. On top of all that, we were involved in the community. I was invested in the success of Wheeling, WV, the city I worked in and considered home. Perfect? No. But perfectly happy enough of the time.

Changing Everything

Just when we had quit looking elsewhere, we were offered the chance to go. My husband was offered a great job with lots of potential that he was excited about. The hitch was that this job was 300 miles from home. We had to make a choice. Stick with what we know and (mostly) love or take a chance.

Big family moving

We have four children. We have family near-by. We both had jobs we liked. We had support and help. We had babysitters and a reasonable standard of living in a place that wasn't ridiculously priced. We also had never moved before. We had a house full of THINGS. Everything about this was new to us. We don't have advice for anyone reading. In fact, we were pretty bad at the whole moving thing. But we are working our way through it. Trying day by day to make a new home in a place we never imagined we would be.